"Quite possibly the finest
small venue in the world" NME
272a St Vincent St,
G2 5RL,
United Kingdom

0141 2215279

King Tut’s is situated on St Vincent Street, within walking distance of all major transport facilities.

The closest mainline railway station is Glasgow Central, low level trains stop at nearby Charing Cross and Anderston, and subway trains stop at St George's Cross and Cowcaddens - all about a ten minute walk.

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We caught up with singer-songwriter James Walsh ahead of his Tut’s gig on Friday 17th May. He’s known as the front man of multi-million selling band Starsailor but this time, he’s playing Tut’s solo. The gig comes just before the release of his new album, ‘Tiger On The Bridge’– out Friday 31st May!

1. Best gig you’ve attended?

Bruce Springsteen at Wembley Arena during the rising period was electrifying. Such amazing energy transcending fashion or cool.

2. First record you remember buying?

Blur Parklife

3. You were once in a band, Starsailor, how different is it being a solo act?

I still do gigs with Starsailor. I enjoy the camaraderie of being in the band but I also enjoy the freedom of being a solo artist. I can play with the songs as I go & decide the set list night to night where it’s more set in stone with the band.

4. Favourite track from your forthcoming ‘Tiger on The Bridge’ album?

My favourite track is Heavy Heart. It’s a raw emotional song & a great showcase for the sound & mood of the album

5. What made you record the album in front of an audience?

I’ve recorded so many albums in a more conventional way over the years I wanted to do something different. There’s something magical about the early stages of a song coming together and I wanted to capture that rather than perfect the songs too much & obsess over the small details

6. Anything you can’t go on tour without?

Like most people my phone! Not just for communication but it’s got all my music on it. I’m not good at travelling without music or a good book to distract me. And a charger

7. How often do you find yourself writing tracks for other bands?

Occasionally. I’ve found myself doing more music for tv & film these days but I’m always up for working with other artists. I really enjoy it especially if it’s with an artist from a different background or genre then we can create something unique

8. Are you excited to perform solo at Tut’s?

I’m really excited. I’ve played King Tuts before but I’m particularly excited to play tracks from the new album in such a legendary venue



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