"Quite possibly the finest
small venue in the world" NME
272a St Vincent St,
G2 5RL,
United Kingdom

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King Tut’s is situated on St Vincent Street, within walking distance of all major transport facilities.

The closest mainline railway station is Glasgow Central, low level trains stop at nearby Charing Cross and Anderston, and subway trains stop at St George's Cross and Cowcaddens - all about a ten minute walk.

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Q&A: Calum Frame


Calum Frame is a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Strathaven, Scotland who is starting to make his mark on the music scene. Calum has been writing and playing live music since he was 16 and already played some fantastic support slots with The Proclaimers and Marianne Faithful.


You recently released 2 new singles this year has the fan reaction been good so far? Are you looking forward to playing them live at the gig?

The reaction has been great! I’ve had over 30,000 views on both videos and lots of people saying the new songs are my best work to date which is lovely to hear. They have definitely been the most well received songs I’ve put out which is a nice reward because there was so much hard work put into making them sound the way they do. I’m really proud of the songs and feel for the first time that they’ve been done in the right way and represent how I want my music to sound. I have to thank Geoff Dugmore who did an amazing job of producing them and the band for giving so much to the songs. Working with Geoff was one of my favourite experiences in music so far, he is like this magical ball of musical energy that you can feed off and he kept pushing to get the best out of everyone involved. It was a real inspiration for me to work with someone so experienced in creating good songs. I can’t wait to play them live on the tut’s stage with the full band. I got to play them at the start of the year on a small acoustic tour in Scotland and they went down well acoustically so I’m sure with the full band behind me we will get tut’s going!

Think back to your childhood, what was the first type of music or song that you responded to?

The Beatles! I remember my parents took me to France, I must have been 3 or 4 at the time. We drove to France and there was always music playing in the car. The CD that was on repeat was one of The Beatles greatest hits records, it had about 30 of their number 1 singles on it. I still remember the cover was red with a big yellow 1 on it. I used to love those songs and was that obsessed I took to drawing pictures of The Beatles. I couldn’t get enough of them and nothing has changed! I’m lucky enough to have all their records now thanks to my Uncle David who had kept them all and I’m so grateful he passed them on to me. I love listening to proper records and to have all the ones he bought in the 60s and 70s is really cool.

If you could have dinner with anyone in music past or present who would it be, and why?

Ray Charles. He was the biggest inspiration for me to start a career as a performer and writer. When I was 15 I watched the film ‘Ray’ which tells his life story and I thought if he can have a life like that and still go on to be such a massive success then surely I can give it a go too! If you’ve not seen that film I would highly recommend watching it. Especially if you’re a musician or thinking about staring a career as one, this film and story will give you all the inspiration you need.

You’ve supported a lot of big artists over the last few years, what was your favourite tour or gig to be part of?

I supported The Proclaimers a few years ago when I had just turned 18 and left school. That was really special to be a part of. Before that the most people I had played to would have been maybe 50 or 100 folk. I’ll never forget the feeling of walking out on to the stage on the first night of the tour and hearing 2000 people welcoming me to the stage. I was totally blown away but I felt so comfortable up there. It was confirmation for me that I was doing the right thing. The buzz from that first night gave me so much motivation and hunger to keep doing it and see how far I could take it! More recently I was asked to go and tour around Scotland with Newton Faulkner. It was a great one to be involved with and I got to see places of our beautiful country that I’d never seen before. A few weeks before we left my Papa had passed away and we were really close but I wanted to go and do the tour and make him proud. He always supported me and I knew he was with me that tour so it will always have a special place in my heart!

Is there anything that you can’t go on tour without?

My phone! I’m a bit of a phone addict which isn’t great, but I can also be a bit of a sad loner at times so I need my phone to talk to my mrs and my parents if I’m missing them. Not very rock n roll but what can I do haha!




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