"Quite possibly the finest
small venue in the world" NME
272a St Vincent St,
G2 5RL,
United Kingdom

0141 2215279

King Tut’s is situated on St Vincent Street, within walking distance of all major transport facilities.

The closest mainline railway station is Glasgow Central, low level trains stop at nearby Charing Cross and Anderston, and subway trains stop at St George's Cross and Cowcaddens - all about a ten minute walk.

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Pitou Q&A





We caught up with Pitou ​​​ahead of her show at King Tut's on 9th November...


KT's - Thank you for taking the time to have a wee chat with us!


KT's - This has been an exciting year for you with the release of your EP, I Fall Asleep So Fast and your October/November show dates. What can fans expect from your upcoming shows?

Pitou - It will hopefully take them to a place where everyday life might not bring you so often.


KT's - What would you say is the biggest difference between your newest EP compared to your first EP?

Pitou - Lyrically the first EP was very dark and numb. The lyrics on this second EP are more hopeful. Songs written whilst trying to find a way out  - instead of staying in the dark place.


KT's - Your track 'Give me a Glass' features very beautiful and intriguing lyrics. Can you tell us what inspired you to write this?

Pitou - Thank you. I cannot remember exactly. There were tiny strings of inspiration, all from different places. And then, when you sit down often enough and put time into your songs, your unconsciousness might be starting to work along and something will come out on the other end. It sounds vague but that is why it is so exciting.


KT's - We’ve read that you come from a classical music background from a young age, how does this influence the way you write now?

Pitou - For as long as I can remember I have loved the magic of harmonies, especially with people singing together. How the shift of one note in a chord can turn you from euphoric to aghast. It is why my music is described as quite ‘minimal’. I am so impressed by what even one note can do - that’s why I don’t yet feel the need to use that many at the same time.


KT's - We hear you’ve played in Glasgow before, is there anything you’re looking forward to visiting whilst you’re here?

Pitou - Last time we were there we visited the botanical gardens, they were beautiful. If we could find some time to visit Waterstones that would be lovely - I would like to read something by Mary Oliver.


KT's - Following your EP release, what’s next for you?

Pitou - I am working on my debut album, and playing the first-ever shows in Germany, France and Ireland. Also I am moving from Amsterdam to Antwerp. I wanted to find out what it would be like to place myself somewhere else. To change your surroundings might be a way of changing yourself? The empty spot that is created by changing home and leaving your usual habits and hiding spots is not necessarily a bad thing - many things started in an empty place.


KT's - Any final words before the show?

Pitou - Ha, that makes it sound like I won’t make it out alive. I do hope at least the audience will leave the show feeling a bit more alive.


Make sure you catch PItou here at King Tut's on 9th November - www.kingtuts.co.uk/pitou


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