"Quite possibly the finest
small venue in the world" NME
272a St Vincent St,
G2 5RL,
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King Tut’s is situated on St Vincent Street, within walking distance of all major transport facilities.

The closest mainline railway station is Glasgow Central, low level trains stop at nearby Charing Cross and Anderston, and subway trains stop at St George's Cross and Cowcaddens - all about a ten minute walk.

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Boy Azooga Q&A


We caught up with Boy Azooga ahead of their gig at Tut's in October about their new album '1,2, Kung Fu.'


KT’s - Firstly, thank you for taking the time to have a wee chat with us!
BA - Hey, thank you for having us! Looking forward to coming back up to King Tuts 
KT’s - So this is an exciting time for you right now! Your debut album, ‘1,2, Kung Fu’ has just been released. Can you tell us a bit about what fans should expect from this album?
BA - The album is basically a celebration of the music I love. I was drumming in other bands for years and this project was just my outlet to experiment with my songs in the studio. It was recorded in Eddie Al-Shakarchi’s house, he’s an amazing producer, mixer, engineer and musician. There’s some fuzzy sabbath bits, some funk inspired stuff, some melody and some melancholy moments too 
KT’s - You have an interesting musical heritage and play a number of different instruments on the album. Can you give us a quick rundown of everything that you played?
BA - I played the drums, percussion, bass, keys, guitars and vibraphone on the record, my old man did the strings 
KT’s - We hear there’s an interesting story behind your name….
BA - Haha so my cousin Chris Bainbridge is the singer of Man Of Moon. Growing up we would stay at our Grans house in Edinburgh and watch the Little Rascals. In that film, they have a chant that goes “Azooga, Azooga, 
Azooga” and we still say it to each other these days. I thought it’d be cool to name the band after something personal. Also when I googled Boy Azooga it was the only thing that came up, so we’re easy to find! 
KT’s - What should fans expect from your gig at King Tut’s? We’ve heard rumours that there might be maracas involved…
BA - There will be riffs, weirdo samples, lots of drums and a basket of maracas 
KT’s - Is there anything that you’re particularly looking forward to doing while you’re in Scotland?
BA - We absolutely love Scotland. I can’t wait to just come and have a Guinness, look around at the beautiful buildings and see my family
KT’s - Any final words before the show? 
BA - Have a real rocky time wherever you are 

Make sure you don't miss out on Boy Azooga at King Tut's on Thursday 11th of October.

Over 18s Doors open at 8.30pm - SEE YOU THERE! 

Tickets available HERE


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