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Genres: Alternative, Indie

  • Doors 8:00pm
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Whenyoung aren't trying to fit in. They've never fitted in. With each other, however, their individual lifelong quests for acceptance are met. They found each other in a pub in their teens; the only pub where they belonged. They've flocked together since. More of that in a bit. As Whenyoung gather themselves after a fruitful first visit to SXSW ahead of the release of their formidable debut album – 'Reasons To Dream' – there's a quiet assuredness to them. In LA they present themselves as a motley crew, like all great indie bands. The trio are a scramble of striking haircuts, statement shirts, dirty leather, earrings and regrettable tattoos. Singer/bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns and drummer Andrew “Drew” Flood have their own idiosyncrasies, but together they become an unshakeable force, completing each other's thoughts, and protecting the magic at the heart of their bond like three walls of a securely stacked triangle.