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King Tut's Sustainable Merch Initiative

By Hannah Oman

King Tut's Sustainable Merch Initiative

We love seeing you all wearing merchandise from King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, and we wanted to offer a more sustainable choice for our in-venue merch and online store.

The fashion industry amounts significant textile waste generated every second and we did not want to contribute to this issue.

This led us to partner with Teemill, a UK-based print- on-demand supplier known for their innovative work in the circular economy for fashion. Rather than following the traditional linear model of clothing production, Teemill uses a circular model. This involves taking back old products and remaking them into new items, keeping materials in circulation indefinitely and eliminating waste.

Teemill uses renewable energy and high-quality organic cotton to produce durable merchandise. Each item includes a QR code on the wash-care label, guiding customers on how to return the product once it’s worn out, so it can be remade into new products. This ensures that the clothing continues to have a useful life beyond its initial use.

Through this eco-friendly production process, we at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut have made significant environmental savings:

  • ●  675,279 litres of water – equivalent to almost three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  • ●  184 kg of CO2 – comparable to driving a typical car for around 460 miles.

  • ●  45 kg of plastic – amounting to approximately 2,250 plastic bottles.

By choosing to work with Teemill and adopting sustainable practices, we have demonstrated that it is possible to offer high-quality merchandise that honours our brand while also protecting the planet. This initiative meets the growing demand for eco-friendly products and sets a positive example for other venues and businesses to follow.

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